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[徒然] 26 August 2006 はてなブックマーク - Pluto no longer qualifies. Twitterでつぶやく

Pluto no longer qualifies.

8 planets
かの有名なThe Nine Planetsのサイトも急遽衣替え、NineをEightと書き換えないあたりにセンスの良さを感じるw
そそ、元々惑星ミネルヴァの残骸な訳だしねw(SF:星を継ぐもの J.P.ホーガン著

The IAU has changed the definition of "planet" so that Pluto no longer qualifies. There are now officially only eight planets in our solar system. Of course this change in terminology does not affect what's actually out there. In the end, it's not very important how we classify the various objects in our solar system. What is important is to learn about their physical nature and their histories.

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